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Cynergy™ Weld-in-Place™ Equipment

Cynergy™ weld-in-place™ (WIP) equipment is breakthrough technology for welding TEFLON® PFA systems on-site. The equipment easily creates a seamless TEFLON® PFA weld joint without internal or external beads. With each weld you get a high-purity joint free of cracks, crevices or bacteria-harboring areas.

Microprocessor-based controller is easy to use and yields repeatable, precise welds.
Compact, handheld weld head is portable, enabling welding in place.
25' remote weld head location allows welding in tight, hard-to-access areas.
Fully automated weld data collection facilitates weld validation.
Compact design makes the equipment easy to transport.
Bench mount adapter base allows easy subassembly welding on bench.



Part Number Description Quantity  
WIPC-3000 Process controller kit1
WIPH8 1/2" heater head kit2
WIPH12 3/4" heater head kit2
WIPH16 1" heater head kit2
WIPH24 1 1/2" heater head kit2
WIPH32 2" heater head kit2

1The process controller kit (WIPC-3000) includes microprocessor-based controller, 25' process control cable, bench mount fixture and tube cutter. The kit operates the heater head kits (WIPH8, WIPH12, WIPH16, WIPH24 and WIPH32).

2Heater head kits include heater head, gauging tool, fitting and tube clamps, hex wrench, PEEK™ insert and reel assembly.

Consumable Products  

Part Number Description Quantity  
WRK8-10 Kapton® wrap for 1/2" and 3/4" components (10 in package)
INR8-10 1/2" silicone sleeve (10 in package)
INR12-10 3/4" silicone sleeve (10 in package)
WRK16-10 1" Kapton® wrap (10 in package)
INR16-10 1" silicone sleeve (10 in package)
WRK24-10 1 1/2" Kapton® wrap (10 in package)
INR24-10 1 1/2" silicone sleeve (10 in package)
WRK32-10 2" Kapton® wrap (10 in package)
INR32-10 2" silicone sleeve (10 in package)

Replaceable Parts  

Part Number Description Quantity  
PKC8 1/2" insert & reel assembly
PKC8-V Unique insert for 1/2" valves
PKC12 3/4" insert & reel assembly
PKC16 1" insert & reel assembly
PKC24 1 1/2" insert & reel assembly
PKC32 2" insert & reel assembly
PKC32-V Unique insert for 2" valves
01-008173 Tube cutter blade
01-008498 Insert screw assembly for PKC16, PKC24, PKC32 and PKC32-V
01-008504 Insert screw assembly for PKC8
01-008505 Insert screw assembly for PKC12

Lease Information  

Cynergy™ WIP equipment is available for lease/rent. Please contact your Entegris representative for information.

Technical Information

  File Size
Cynergy® System Product Catalog 4,695KB
Cynergy® System Technical Guide 2,893KB

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Watch Cynergy™ Weld-in-Place™ equipment videos on YouTube. Web-based version supported on most mobile phones and devices.

Cynergy™ Weld-in-Place™ Equipment Overview
Cynergy™ Weld-in-Place™ Equipment Demo

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